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Usage Flow
How to use our service

Register an account/Ready to use API

Please register an account on our console site.
After register an account, please login to the console site, and create "trial contract" for Translate API.

About API usage

You can try our translate service on the console site, or you can follow the document on this site for the API usage.
Sample codes are provided as reference.
Please contact us for other programming languages.

About contract

If you are satisfied with our translation, please click the 「Trial」 in Contract page to transfer to former contract. (The usage will be reset to zero.)
Or you can contact us for contract details.

Use our API

After transfer to the former contract, you can use our API that meets your needs.
Also, you can continue to use Console site.

About Payment

Payment: Payment by credit card is accepted. For other payment methods, we will send you the invoice and payment procedures.

Contract renewal: The contract is renewed every year automatically. Please contact us for contract termination.

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