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Rozetta Translator For Slack
(Slack Translation Plugin)
An account fee (300,000 yen) will be billed for the first year only.
*The number of users is unlimited. *If you need to develop your own functions, please contact us for a separate estimate.
Price per year as below.
If you plan to use more than the plan shown in the table, we will estimate separately. About counting usage, please refer to "Chracter Count method" in "Count Method"
charactors limit
price per year
extra fee per character
10 Million characters
500 Thousand Yen
0.05 Yen
30 Million characters
1.5 Million Yen
0.05 Yen
60 Million characters
2.4 Million Yen
0.04 Yen
100 Million characters
3 Million Yen
0.03 Yen
200 Million characters
4 Million Yen
0.02 Yen
300 Million characters
4.5 Million Yen
0.015 Yen
[About the Free start Account Fee Promotion]
The start fee of 300,000 yen (Tax excl.) will be waived for anyone who signs a contract for the Slack Translation Plug-in, during the promotion.
This offer is only available for companies that can cooperate with our case studies.
The campaign will stop accepting applications once all the places are taken.
The campaign is subject to end without notice.
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