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WordPressTranslation Plug-in(Rozetta Translator)Pricing
Price per year as below.
About counting usage, please refer to "Word Count method" in "Count Method".
Maintenance costs will be charged separately. Estimated on a case-by-case basis depending on the size of the project..
Customers already using a T4OO account can apply their existing account.
Price per year
Word Price
12 Million words
12 Million Yen
1.0 Yen
12 Million words
12 Million Yen
1.0 Yen
36 Million words
36 Million Yen
1.0 Yen
60 Million words
54 Million Yen
0.9 Yen
120 Million words
96 Million Yen
0.8 Yen
240 Million words
168 Million Yen
0.7 Yen
450 Million words
270 Million Yen
0.6 Yen
720 Million words
360 Million Yen
0.5 Yen
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