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Slack Translation Plugin
Slack Translation Plugin

Rozetta Translator

Communicate in your mother tongue!
Rozetta Translator uses highly accurate Rozetta API to translate conversations in the channel on-the-fly,
allowing all members to receive personalized translation results.


Support User Dicitonary. You can specify words like internal term, company name or product name to translate to your own words.
Japanese⇔English, Japanese⇔Chinese, Japanese⇔Korean and so on, are using internal server, preventing data leaks.
The engine has top level accuracy of translation in the communication field.
The engine features of high-speed, it's suitable for handling large amount of work on real-time translation, such as conversation or speech.

Price Plan

Please refer to [Price Schedule].


Rozetta Translator is a translation service that uses the real-time translation engine developed by Rozetta.
The real-time translation engine is a partially in-house translation engine that ensures security, fast translation speed, and industry-leading accuracy for the spoken word.
Company Name
Amazon Web Services
Cloud Service Provider
Translation Engine Provider

How to use

1. Install Rozetta Translator Application.
2. Enter /invite @Rozetta Translator to add the bot to the channel or create a group direct message containing the bot. Note that the settings are channel-specific.
3. Enter /rozetta to configure the bot.
4. Enter your Rozetta API account information and the desired translated language.The default language selection is shown at left.
From now on, all conversations in the channel are translated automatically. You can easily communicate with other members.
5. Enter /rozetta_adv_setting to configure whether the translation results will be shown in the channel or thread.
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