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WordPress Translation Plugin
Word Press Translation Plugin

WordPress Translation Plugin

Plug-in to make your website multilingual
Rozetta Translator for Wordpress enables you to make your website multilingual by using the RozettaAPI and expand your business worldwide. 


・T-4OO is Rosetta's proprietary AI translation engine, multilingualized into over 100 languages and various locales, and has been optimized for operation.
・T-4OO supports unified terminology. You can specify proper nouns such as fixed expressions, company names, and product names in advance.
・More than 2,000 specialized fields are supported, and automatic translation is tuned for each field to achieve more accurate translation quality. 
・The easy-to-use UI allows you to translate a web page and compare the translated and untranslated sentences, making your work more efficient. 

Price Plan

Please refer to [Price Schedule].


SSL encrypted communication. Servers are managed by a secure data center in Japan and cloud services. Translation data stored on the server is automatically deleted on a regular basis. 


Simply select "Field/Language" on the target page and press "Translate" to translate.
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