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Is the whole translation service developed in-house? Do you use any 3rd party translation services?
The languages pair bellow, are performed by our own translation engine. Several 3rd party translation services are used for translating other languages.
・T-4OO、Real-time Translation Engine
Japanese⇔ English , Chinese(Simplified and Traditional) , Korean
・T-3MT Engine
Japanese⇔ English , Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)
English ⇔ Arabic, Bengali , German , Greek, Spanish, Persian, Finnish, French, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Vietnamese and Chinese(Simplified and Traditional)
To avoid using 3rd party translation services, please submit translation requests of these languages pair only.(When using the T-3MT engine, , only the above language pairs will be provided. For example: Japanese → Tagalog is not available.)
Is the original text being kept on your server?
For T-4OO Engine, both original text and translated text are being kept on our database for a period of time. No data is being kept on other servers.
Please contact us if you would like to add the function which purges the original text from our server.
Any limit on service usage?
Currently there are no limits on service usage.
Is it possible to set the usage cap?
Yes, please contact us if you would like to set the maximum service of usage. 
Can Translation API process multiple requests at the same time?
Yes, there is no restriction on the number of concurrent requests in Text Translation. In File Translation, an account can upload multiple files at same time, while the files would be processed sequentially. To translate multiple files efficiently, you can purchase multiple accounts.
If there is any API error occured when using translate API, does it cost the usage?
No, if there is an API error occurred, it will not cost any usage.
About User Dictionary, is it applied to all specialized fields?
Yes, it is applied to all specialized fields.
I can't use my Key any more, while the contract is still available.
Commonly it might be caused by "Youe nonce is too small" error. We recommend to use timestamp with millisecond as nonce.
Also, you can use our "console" to reset the nonce.
If it happens again or there is any other error occurred, please contact us with your taskId or Key.
※If you don't know the account information of console, please contact us.
Is there any limits on request?
For detail, please refer to "Limitation" in each API section. If there is no "Limitation", there is no limits on request.
Does IP address of translate API open to public?
No, we don't open our IP address to public
Does your development team only support Japanese?
We support Japanese, English and Chinese.
About File Translation, how can i know my file is supported or noy?
Please refer to "Support List".
Can I get translated file after 14 days?
We can set your own download period for T-4OO Desktop user. If needed, please contact us.
About Specialized Fields, is it possible to get only partial of fields?
We classify Specialized Fields with its level. You can specify the level and get the layer.
Do you support 24/7 uninterrupted T-4OO translation service?
For customers who need uninterrupted T-4OO translation service, we can offer you the Fallback function. During T-4OO maintenance or abnormal situations, the Rozetta API will automatically use other engines to complete the translation and send a notification e-mail to you. (※Only supported for T-4OO account users ※This is a paid service. )
Is it possible to use API with an exclusive license?
We don't provide exclusive license for using API.
Do you offer 24/7 support?
Yes, but extra fee will be charged. If needed, please contact us.
Can I use T4OO-WEB's TM Data and Glossary when using translation API?
You can use them by linking your T4OO account to your Rozetta API key.
All registered TM Data and Glossary will be applied. There is no priority or type. Only available when using T-4OO engine.
Please contact us if you want to use them.
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